Best WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugins

The search for the best WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin can leave you confused with too many options. Multi vendor marketplaces have become very popular after the success of eBayEtsyAlibabaAmazon and what not. The trend of online retail websites has now upgraded to high traffic e-commerce marketplaces where multiple vendors can operate their individual stores. The main theme of such markets is that customers can buy products from different vendors in a single marketplace.

1. Dokan

Dokan Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugins

Dokan is a mainstream freemium WooCommerce multi-merchant plugin that is accessible at, just as in a top notch form. By the numbers, it’s dynamic on more than 25,000 WordPress destinations with a 4.5-star rating, which makes it one of the most famous arrangements.

The free center variant gives you a chance to have boundless sellers, alongside a front-end dashboard for your merchants. Every seller gets their very own store with a special URL, and you can likewise charge a commission rate for the benefit of selling by means of your commercial center.

On the off chance that you need to go past the essential commercial center usefulness, the Pro forms attach a lot of additional highlights like:

  • Custom commission rates for individual vendors
  • Vendors can create their own coupons and discounts
  • Charge vendors a subscription
  • Vendors can add their own staff members
  • Reviews for individual vendors
  • Seller verification
  • Option to sell bookings (so you could create a directory of service providers instead of selling physical products)
  • Option to run auctions, which lets you create something like eBay
  • More detailed reports and analytics

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2. Product Vendors

woocommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugins

Item Vendors is a multi-seller plugin that comes straight from the WooCommerce group.

It gives you a chance to enable different merchants to sell items by means of your store, while as yet giving you the alternative to sell your very own items too (like Amazon).

You’ll have the option to set one worldwide base commission rate, just as individual commission rates for various merchants.

Merchants will almost certainly deal with their own profiles, items, and per-item delivering standards. They can likewise add notes to requests or send notes to clients and view reports for their business execution.

Like Amazon, you can show a general merchant rating dependent on the rating of the considerable number of items that that seller sells. Furthermore, you’ll likewise have the option to pick your very own payout plan for when to send sellers their installments.

Lamentably, there’s no free form of Product Vendors. Yet, it is one of the more reasonable choices, beginning at only $79 for use on a solitary site.

Why use Product Vendors?

  • Create a marketplace that can sell anything. From physical, hand-made products to digital downloads like photographs, themes, fonts, audio or video and even time-based bookings with our integration with WooCommerce Bookings.
  • Continue selling your own products. Display vendor products for sales right alongside your own products.
  • Set vendor specific commission rates. Incentivise new vendors to join your marketplace or reward loyal or high earning with vendor specific commission rates – while still setting a separate base commission rate across your marketplace.
  • Reduce your admin. Allow vendors to manage their own products. Give vendors the ability to manage their own products.
  • Don’t pay commissions on orders that are not completed. Set commissions to only be assigned to vendors once the order is completed.
  • Stay on of top of your marketplace with sales reports. Get an overall view of vendor sales, commissions and earnings per month by vendor.
  • Delay commission payments to account for returns. Use PayPal Payouts to delay commission payments in case of returns on physical products.

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3. WC Vendors Marketplace

 WC Vendors Marketplace

WC Vendors Marketplace is another mainstream freemium WooCommerce multi-merchant plugin . By the numbers, it’s dynamic on 10,000 locales while keeping up a 4.4-star rating at

With the free center rendition, you can begin tolerating merchants who will have the option to:

  • Add products from inside the WordPress dashboard
  • Submit products for admin review or make them live right away
  • Customize their store (limited) via templates

You’ll also be able to set global commission rates or individual commission rates for vendors.

If you go Pro, vendors will be able to manage everything from a front-end dashboard, rather than forcing them to use the backend dashboard like the free version does.

Beyond that, they’ll also get a lot of other goodies like the ability to:

  • Add their own coupon codes
  • Have more advanced shipping options
  • Control more information, like setting up SEO or adding their social media profiles

And you’ll get more control over commission rates and shipping, as well.

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4. WCFM- Best WooCommerce Multi Vendor Plugin

WCFM Marketplace, short for WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace, is another prominent freemium multi-seller plugin with an excellent 5-star rating at

It offers a measured methodology that assembles a wide range of additional items to enable you to make your multi-seller commercial center.

With those augmentations, you get a huge amount of various highlights like:

  • Frontend management dashboard for vendors, with the core WooCommerce Frontend Manager plugin from the same developer
  • Tons of commission types – percentage, fixed, by price, by product quantity, by vendor’s sales
  • Live chat and ticket communication for vendors
  • Shipping zones
  • Booking and appointment support
  • Store refunds
  • Detailed analytics for store admins and vendors
  • Integrated affiliate program

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5. YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor

YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor is another alternative that comes in both a free form at just as a superior rendition with greater usefulness.

With the essential free form, you can set up fundamental merchant pages, total with a worldwide commission rate for the majority of your sellers.

Thusly, merchants will most likely deal with the majority of their media transfers and items, and furthermore control their essential seller data.

On the off chance that you go Pro, you’ll get much greater usefulness, similar to increasingly nitty gritty request, delivering, and discount the board.

You’ll additionally have the option to alter commission rates for individual sellers or even singular items, and merchants will probably make their own coupons.

Past that, you’ll likewise have the option to pick when to pay commission rates, such as paying out when a request is finished or holding up until a specific edge is met.

The center variant is accessible for nothing at, however it’s quite constrained. From that point forward, the Pro form begins at €99.99 for use on a solitary site.

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