Best WordPress Slider Plugins (Free and Paid)

1. Revolution Slider – WordPress Slider Plugin

Insurgency slider comes in the top ventures of WordPress slider plugins and more than 250,000 establishments. The adoration it has gotten from the clients is gigantic. I was essentially keen on checking on it observing its prevalence and it didn’t disillusion by any means. Highlights, convenience, the outcomes merit the thanks.

Presently here’s the upheaval, Revolution slider isn’t only for slides yet you can get a one-page web nearness without a solitary code with it. At that point even a fledgling can make a topic effortlessly. It’s a basic ‘simplified’. Wealthy in highlight and high in execution goes well-suited for it. Multi-media, route, web based life and significantly more has been given genuine consideration.

On the off chance that we delve further into the highlights we’ll locate a vigorous visual proofreader with every one of the components for slides creation, at that point the format is totally responsive (Optimized for Android and iPhones). Give me a chance to list a couple of highlights for you.

Pricing of Revolution Slider – WordPress Slider Plugin

The price plan of revolution responsive slider WordPress plugin is simple. It is $25 for a regular license. The price plan is once for a lifetime kind of so, you have to pay once to get the plugin with complete features.

Features of Revolution Slider – WordPress Slider Plugin

  • 3+ types of sliders(Hero, carousel, and classic slider features)
  • Parallax effects combined with improved lightweight Ken burns effect to take appearance to another level.
  • Animation builder is equipped to create custom animations. In fact, you can add an unlimited number of layers to the slides.
  • Whiteboard is another exciting feature. Here you can create hand-drawn animations that viewers will absolutely fall in love with.

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2-Smooth Slider – WordPress Slider Plugin

WordPress allows to create variety of content for a website. To make the site look more engaging to visitors and utilize the web-page real estate, it is recommended to use sliders or carousels. Web is full of free and premium slideshow creators either using a page builder or with some JavaScript libraries.

Unlike those, Smooth Slider is specially designed for WordPress CMS and allows you to create variety of sliders like Posts Slider, Image Slider with uploaded images from Media Library, WordPress Page Slider, Video Slider, Pure Image Gallery etc. With the option to choose image placement in left, right or center, you can easily change the layout. Mobile friendly auto adjusted design makes Smooth Slider one of the best free WordPress responsive slider plugin. Plugin has been written by Tejaswini and the team at SliderVilla – Best WordPress Slider Store.

Smooth Slider – WordPress Slider Plugin

Smooth Slider Pro

Roster Slider of SliderVilla is the premium version of Smooth Slider plugin. You can create unlimited sliders with separate designs using Roster. It comes with 3 extra skins to make the sliders look even more elegant and design rich. Apart from that, All integrations and type of sliders are possible with Roster Slider WordPress plugin.

Features of Smooth Slider – WordPress Slider Plugin


If you want to change the original URL of added slide, you can do that in Smooth Slider. It is important when you want to add image slide and like to point to an internal link of your site or some external URL. Easily add any external/internal URL for slide and use Smooth Slider as banner or Advertisement Slider.


Change the order of added slides using drag and drop method. Using mouse, you can easily drag and drop the added slides on Sliders page, save changes to change the order. Once saved, check the preview or wherever the slider is embedded. The changes starts appearing instantly.


If you want the slider to showcase slides in random order on each load, there is an option to do that. Once enabled, the slider will automatically keep changing order of the slides in all cases including custom slider, recent posts slider, category slider.


You may choose to restrict the number of slides in the slider. For example, if you want to only show 5 recently published posts inside the slider, there is an option to do that. It also helps when you create image slider using images from media library and like to only show the recently added 4 images inside the slider, this feature is helpful. Restricting number of slides helps in page performance too.


Smooth Slider comes with an option to auto expire a slide on a particular date. It allows you to set a date for added slides and once the date reaches, that particular slide will step appearing in the slider. A very helpful option for promotional or offer like slides which comes with an expiry date


Smooth Slider can automatically fetch images from multiple locations in preference order. The set order is as a pre-defined custom field, featured image, image attached to the post and by scanning the post. You can skip any of these set preferences and allow Smooth Slider to pick image from particular source. If all options are set, Smooth Slider will go by the mentioned preference. Through the last option, Smooth Slider can even show external images appearing inside your blog post.


For content slider, this option is really good. It allows you to restrict the number of characters or words in the text content area which should appear before ‘Red More’ text. Well, there is also an option to disable the ‘read more’ text too. Text for the content area can be fetched from Post Content, Excerpt or pre-defined custom field.


One can export the complete setting of Smooth Slider and import on other installation. This feature helps in migrating the WordPress installation or Smooth Slider installation from development to production environment. The exported CSV file will have all the setting information of Smooth Slider WordPress plugin from your site and will be imported to the other Smooth Slider installation.


Smooth Slider comes with a ready widget to create WordPress Slideshow Widget. Place the Smooth Slider – Simple widget in the widget ready area and it will start appearing.


Apart from widget, Smooth Slider comes with template tag and shortcode too. These methods allow you to put Smooth Slider anywhere on your WordPress site. Smooth Slider is also compatible with popular page builders like Visual Composer, Beaver Builder etc. Use these methods to embed the slider and get it running in just few minutes of installation.


With Add-ons, you can extend the functionality of Smooth Slider WordPress plugin. NextGEN Gallery add-on allows you to create a WordPress Slider of NextGEN Gallery items. Similarly, RSS Feed Add-on allows you to create a WordPress Slider with Posts from third-party website or any site having RSS or Atom Feeds. Multiple Category and Tag Sliders are also possible with their individual add-ons.

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3. Fast Slider Plugin – Best in Slider WordPress Plugins

The name says everything. You can really manufacture a slider in around 1 moment with the Fast slider. Making a slider turns out to be incredibly quick and simple with this slider WordPress plugin. It is a standout amongst other slider WordPress modules to browse in a pocket-accommodating cost.

Presently in the event that you have less time to give on slider, at that point this will function admirably for you. It looks incredible on each screen with the responsive design additionally, there can be different sliders on a solitary page with Fast. It is pressed with a great deal of highlights (A LOT!). There’s not a solitary component that you would not discover the significance with.

Features of Fast Slider Plugin – Best in Slider WordPress Plugins

  • 3+ transition effects (Fade, horizontal, vertical)
  • 20+ tailored slider demos which are good to go with at any second.
  • Custom colors with 7+ button styles to choose from.
  • Multiple sliders on the same page.

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