Demo PHP Contact Form with Google reCAPTCHA

PHP contact form with custom fields will let the users enquire with more details added to the usual fields like subject, message and more.

A PHP speak to form allows website administrators to be communicated with by users. It allows inquiries to be sent by them to this site owners about features or services. Utilizing the contact form, world wide web administrators are able to handle their business mails. It may generate inquiries once there is an active contact sort offered. It easily has got joined with all the database, thereby supplying a complete listing and info about the users who would like to call and send out their queries.

php-Demo PHP Contact Form with Google reCAPTCHA


I guess that you have a PHP program to develop a simple PHP contact form using MySQL. My installation is:

  • PHP 7.1
  • MySQL
  • Jquery/Ajax

To make sure that that I don’t get side tracked by server level issues, I chose to host PHP software on Cloudways managed servers since the stage provides a powerful PHP optimized natural surroundings. Additionally, revolve around the core concept of this tutorial and so I don’t have to deal with server management hassles.

  Final Words
In this tutorial, I demonstrated creating a PHP contact form. Here is a live demo of the PHP contact form code in action. I’ve also given a brief overview about captcha form, and why you must use it in contact form. The article not only demonstrates how to setup captcha in a contact form, but also defines how to setup its validation using the script tag. Furthermore, you can also use Form Handler library to integrate captcha validation within the form.

Still, if you have some more questions regarding captcha integration in the contact form, or want to share some of your tips on the topic, feel free to write down your suggestions in the comments section below.

Demo PHP Contact Form with Google reCAPTCHA

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