Line Splicing in C/C++

While composing a program, some of the time we give remark about the working of the code in the remark area with the assistance of single/twofold remark line. In any case, we had never believed that if toward the finish of this remark line on the off chance that we use (backslash) character then what will occur?

The appropriate response of the above inquiry is line Splicing. Lines ended by a \ are joined together with the following line in all respects right off the bat during the time spent interpretation. §2.2 Phases of interpretation.

As a matter of fact at whatever point toward the finish of the remark line in the event that we use (backslash) character then it erases the oblique punctuation line character and the first next line of code just from the whole program or we can say that the completion (backslash) makes the new line likewise as a remark for the compiler.

// C program to illustrate the concept of Line splicing. 
#include <stdio.h> 
int main() 
	// Line Splicing\ 
	printf("Hello GFG\n"); 
	return (0); 



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