WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org– Both the locales are a piece of WordPress. Just distinction is about “who is facilitating your site”.


WordPress.com is where you don’t need to do anything. All the creating work will be dealt with itself. You don’t need to buy programming, oversee web server or pay for facilitating.

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There are a few confinements with this site. For instance, as a matter of course your space name incorporates wordpress.com, you can’t alter your site’s coding, transfer any topics or modules. Your site will be free for the lifetime, yet you need to pay to overhaul it for more determinations.

Updates likewise enable you to utilize a custom space like you can utilize anything as the area. Further upgradation likewise improves appearance of your site, transfer recordings or photographs and some more.

Your site will be verified and spam free as it will be under WordPress security. You just need to sign in and pick your blog name and spotlight on your substance.

This webpage is favored by everybody except for the most part bloggers, picture takers, craftsmen, and so on.


WordPress.org is where you need to deal with your very own blog or site. You can discover free WordPress programming and introduce on your web server.

It gives full control and opportunity over your site including the WordPress programming. The vast majority of the WordPress exhibit locales are made on self facilitating.

With full control it likewise places full obligation of the site upon the client. From specialized managing to security issues each and everything must be overseen by the client itself.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

DefinitionFully hosted versionSelf hosted version
CostCharges required for upgradationNo charges for upgradation
Freedom and limitationsInclude more limitationsInclude less limitation
MaintenanceNo responsibility to maintain the siteAll responsibilities comes on user
AdvantageSecurity and backups are providedYou need to find a host to provide backup and security
ThemesChoose a theme and use it with the help of custom designNeed to install custom themes then use it with PHP and CSS
PluginsPlugin features are includedNeed to install plugin to add functionality
RegistrationRegistration is required on WordPress.comNo registration is required on WordPress.org

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